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Our farm is located in Arles en Provence, between the Camargue and the Alpilles. Our climate, with over 300 days of sunshine a year, is conducive and supportive of our cultures.

The Exploitation Novi is a business and a family team. The company is working with:
  • a graduate in environmental and hydrolic
  • a graduate in plant protection
  • an experience of 3 generations

The Exploitation Novi succeed in combining the experience of parents and the dynamism of youth.

The company is steadily increasing for several years :
  • by increasing our volumes with the integration of locals producers partners
  • by compliance and regularity of our merchandises, our ability to adapt to your requests, for departures on our punctuality and sales dynamic

Farm in « Globalgap » certification (since 2004)

Farm environmental friendly:

  • crop rotation
  • watering with potable water
  • reasonable crops treatment, not systematics
  • green manure (sorghum) in the summer
  • solar desinfection during summer (solarization)
  • recycling of plastics used for a reclamation channel



Why work with a producer?
  • to shorten distribution channels and reduce intermediate
  • for phytosanitary control of production (with residue analysis)
  • for maximum freshness of our salads
  • for a single contact who keeps an eye on orders, from production to their shipments
  • to have homogeneous groups


Here are the benefits of working with us, Exploitation Novi!!!

This new year, let us continue together to promote the excellence, the know-how and the use of our quality products.
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