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salads in our fields

The sweetness of our climate and our Provencal sun allows us to offer high-quality salads (color, weight, holding, regularity, ...)

Our salads are grown in open fields (by producters partners) and under greenhouse of our own production struture.

Varieties sold from november to april: Lolo rossa, lollo bionda, oak leaf red, oak leaf green, lettuce, green batavia

Varieties sold until June: Curly lettuce, endive
Varieties of salads used are selected in relation with the seeds companies for:
  • their adaptation to climate and season
  • their ability to resist at pathogens
  • best meet your needs

For your food safety and environmental respect:

  • Traceability of salads from the parcels, with lot numbers on packages
  • Quality controls are realised on salads at differents levels of the chain (in the field, in station, before shipment)

Packaging according to your need in wood, ifco, europool And packed in bulk, mix or cello

  • We can work program, daily prices or weekly.
  • We deal with daily departures from freshly picked salads
  • Developing the whole salad individually wrapped thermofused

We grow...
...our doors are open!!!

This new year, let us continue together to promote the excellence, the know-how and the use of our quality products.
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